Pilot Episode:  A Time to Be Brave (1982)- Tafia has to overcome her fear of trains to help her father survive in the dead of winter at their trapper's cabin deep in the woods.

Rabbit Goes Fishing (1984)- Ralph, a young orphan from the city is unfriendly when he arrives in Spirit Bay. Cheemo learns about the boy's false bravado that stems from his fear of rejection and convinces him he is at home with his people.

A Real Kid (1986)- Rabbit finds out that his foster mother, Annie, is pregnant, and he runs away for fear he will be ignored.

The Blueberry Bicycle (1985)- Elton uses his money to get spare parts for his bike from elder Teawash, and by doing so learns a valuable lesson in the town's bike race.

Words on a Page (1987)- Lenore writes a story that could win her a scholarship in the city, but her father is reluctant to let her enter it in a contest.

Circle of Life (1984)- Lenore finds a native skeleton. When a museum investigates and proceed to claim the bones the community is outraged, that is, until they find a way to bring the bones back for a proper ceremonial burial. 

Hack's Choice (1986)- Hack's uncle Coleman, a former pro hockey player in the WHA, comes back to Spirit Bay to try to weasel him out of his family's medicine bag so he can sell it to collectors. 

Rabbit Pulls His Weight (1985)- Rabbit literally pulls his weight when he helps out a pilot whose plane has crashed.

Hot News (1987)- Mavis' cousin Mary wants to write an article about an old Indian recipe. The two end up fighting with one another in their canoe while a dangerous forest fire lingers nearby their grandmother's (Teawash's) home. 

Big Save (1985)- Spirit Bay's broomball team gets stranded in a blizzard and Rose has to use her survival know-how to save the kids.

Dancing Feathers (1983)- Tafia is taken to Toronto for the annual pow wow festival where she is to dance.

The Pride of Spirit Bay (1985)- Tafia learns the value of true art from her elders.

Water Magic (1986)- Cheemo, the fisherman, must pay $1500 by the end of the week, or lose his boat. Teawash, the wise old woman, warns him and his helpers to remember to leave something for the Memagwasis-the little people. The boys ridicule Teawash, and later scoff when Cheemo gives back fish to the spirit of the lake.

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